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Update as of June 2, 2021

We are still greatly concerned about the health and well being of our customers and staff.  Here are some changes in our procedure:

-  We ask that you refrain from entering the salon if you are exhibiting any symptoms.

-  We will continue sanitizing the salon as required by the State Board of Cosmetology.

-  We will no longer require our employees or clients to wear masks.

-  The doors are unlocked and our reception area is open.

-  Coffee is available upon request.  Please ask a staff member.

-  No magazines will be available in the salon at this time.

- Walk-ins and beard trimming is available.

We are so thankful for all our customers and staff who have made it possible to stay open under these uncertain times. Thank you again for all your support.  If you have any questions or concerns you can call the salon at 440-428-2899.

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