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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I keep from getting split ends?

​Split ends are almost impossible to completely avoid. You should keep up with a light trim every 6-8 weeks. Heat plays a major factor in split ends. Wash your hair at night and let air dry if possible, avoiding too much damage from blow dryers. When using hot tools such as flat irons or curling irons, try at a lower heat and then work up to a higher heat. Not everyone needs scorching hot temperatures to control their hair. When getting the tangles out, use a wide tooth comb or a pick, to keep from pulling your hair. Also, leave in conditioners and smoothing serums not only make it easier to comb through your hair or control frizz, they also smooth out the cuticle, protecting your hair from the heat. 

How do I keep my hair from falling out?

​First you need to determine whether your hair is falling off or breaking off. If your hair is breaking off then you need a protein-based shampoo and conditioner and protein cream and heat protectant. These things will help a lot in putting the protein back into your hair that you have lost. If your hair is falling off then you need to check on your diet and/or medication. Reducing stress can also make a change. You may also take a blood test to see if you are low in any vitamin or to check hormone levels.

Does cutting your hair help it grow faster?
Cutting your hair does not make it grow faster but it will keep your hair healthy. So as your hair grows the ends don't break off. Damage starts at the ends of the hair and travels upwards to the shaft. If you don't continue to cut your hair, the damage will keep getting higher and break off. Stimulating your scalp when you shampoo can help keep the hair follicles open, keeping them from closing and help in preventing some hair loss and keep it growing.

Hair grows at a different rate for each person, on average about a 1/2inch per month.The best way to keep your growing strong is to keep it healthy and eat a good healthy diet as well. Vitamins and Biotin can help a lot in boosting your hair growth. 

Will waxing facial hair cause it to grow in thicker and coarser?

​Waxing will not cause facial hair to grow in any thicker or coarser. It actually helps slow down hair growth. Over time waxing can make the hair thinner and less apparent. Shaving your eyebrows and/or lip will not make it thicker either, but can cause the hair to grow in different directions, making it more visible. Waxing the hair actually pulls it from the root so it will stay smoother for far longer than shaving.

How do I get volume and lift out of my hair?

​You can get volume and lift out of your hair in a variety of ways. You can do a body wave, which is a type of perm that uses big rods. Also, you can ask any of us about texturizing at the roots, which puts little hairs that you don't see, underneath the top layers, lifting the top layers up and keeping it from laying flat on your head. There are also a variety of products you can use such as root lifters or thickening gels and mousses. When drying your hair, dry your hair in the opposite direction that it lays and then push it back over. This will help lift it up also. 


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