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KUTS & Styling


Men’s Kut                                       $15.00

            with shampoo                    $17.00


Kid’s Kut (12 & under)                  $12.00

            with shampoo                    $14.00

            with blowdry                      $16.00

Buzz Kut                                         $13.00

½ Kut                                                $8.00

Women’s Kut                                 $20.00

  with shampoo                              $24.00

  with blow dry                               $24.00

  w/shampoo & blow dry              $27.00

  w/shampoo & flat iron                $35.00

  w/shampoo & thermal styling    $35.00


Flat Iron only                                 $15.00

Thermal Styling only                    $15.00

Shampoo, blow dry and flat iron $21.00

Wash and blow out                       $15.00

Wigs for Kids Kut only                 $12.00


(Prices for thermal styling and flat iron my vary depending on style. See your stylist for a quote.)


(Kut not included)


Foil Highlights

Halo                                                 $60.00

Partial                                              $75.00

Full                                                 $100.00

Each additional color                     $15.00

Toner                                                $20.00


Full Head                                         $65.00

Retouch                                           $50.00

Men’s Retouch                                $25.00

Balayage                                        $115.00

Full scalp lightener retouch           $75.00


(Prices for chemical services may vary due to amount of hair and amount of product used.  Please see your stylist for a price quote.)



Perm                                                $55.00

Spiral                                               $70.00

Additional solution                         $15.00



Iso Maintamer                                 $65.00

Surface Smooth and Healthy

   (includes protein cream)          $100.00

  UPDO & Formal Hair


½ hour                                                         $35.00

Each additional 15 mins.                           $15.00

Hair Tinsel                                         $3.00 and up



Brows                                                 $12.00

            (with service)                        $10.00

Lip                                                      $  5.00

Lip & Brows                                      $16.00

            (with service)                        $14.00



MAX repair deep conditioning treatment           $25.00

            with another service                                $15.00

Trinity volume                                                      $15.00

            with another service                                $10.00

Awaken scalp facial                                             $15.00

            with another service                                $10.00





Manicure                                        $20.00

OPI Gel Color                                $30.00

Dry Manicure w/ OPI Gel Color   $40.00




Full Set(with tips)                          $55.00

Overlay                                           $40.00

Soak off                                          $15.00

Repair                                               $5.00



Express Pedicure                          $40.00

Spa Pedicure                                 $55.00


Nail art - prices vary based on desired design.




Manicure/express pedicure          $55.00

Manicure/spa pedicure                 $70.00

Salon Policy

Our goal is to provide the best service to our clients as possible.  
"No shows" and late cancellations cause a multitude of problems. Note, our staff is paid on commission. If an appointment is made and there is a "no show" or cancellation at the last minute the employee is not paid. In addition, that time slot is taken away from another client who needed an appointment.

Accordingly, we have had to put the following policy into place.

  • New clients will be asked for a payment method to reserve the appointment. No charge will be made unless you "no show" or cancel within 24 hours.

  • Current clients will not be asked for a payment method at this time.  However, if you "no show" for an appointment or cancel within 24 hours a payment method will be required to re-book.

  • Any client that "no shows" or cancels within 24 hours two or more times, we reserve the right to refuse to rebook the appointment.

Please enroll below for payment and a contract will be emailed to you.


Krew Kuts Inc.
45 N Lake St
Madison, Ohio 44057

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